April Favorites

Trying something different. I’m a huge product junkie, I love researching and finding products that work with my skin and hair and I love sharing them with others. Here are some of my favorites from this month.

Glossier’s Boy Brow is blowing my mind. It’s a tinted pomade not a gel so it keeps your brow hairs in place and doesn’t make your eyebrows shiny or crusty. Plus they give you this cute bubble wrap cosmetics bag. Winnahs. I’m loving their products, if you want to purchase something and get 20% off click here to get my discount 🙂

BB Pret-a-Powder best dry shampoo ever. I’ve tried CHOKE and they don’t give me the same execution as this one.

BB Thickening Dryspun Finish spray I have flat thin hair so this gives me the volume I lack without the crustiness of a hair spray. I usually switch between this and Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray.

Hope you guys liked this. Will try to do more 🙂