This past week was a crazy one, filled with multiple events, releases, projects, etc…and About The Goods 4 year anniversary. For those that don’t know, About The Goods is my baby haha. I know people wonder what I do during the day or what my full-time job is but that’s the funny thing…there is no clocking in and out for this because this is my life’s work. This is my lifestyle. Anyway, we made 4 years this year and I had a lot of moments this month where I was torn between how I felt. I would feel proud then I would feel like, “Damn I got a lot of work to do,” which is very true…yes we’ve accomplished another year being open but at the same time there’s so much more we still want to do.

We had our party and collab with 143 this past Friday. It was packed with all of our friends from different walks of life, packed with new faces and our supporters since day one. Seeing everyone having fun, dancing to the music…that was when I had my proud mom moment. Now here I am Monday afternoon in the store, back to work haha.

Thanks to everyone that came out and supported us. Even those who shot us a text saying Happy Anniversary. Little and big stuff like that showed us who was really down. We’re fortunate to have created a space and outlet that represents what myself and DJ Revise are passionate about. The store really is an extension of us which is why I trip out every time I see a customer wearing our shirt or people buying tickets to come to our events. We love y’all.