Why I March…

My mom immigrated to Hawaii from Ilocos Norte when she was a teenager. She had 3 boys, her own furniture boutique, then when she had her fave child (me duh) she had already established herself as the administrator of a 40-person care home. Let’s not forget her closet filled with all the high end brands you can think of haha.

Two divorces, one separation. She’s had to play both the roles of mother and father. Especially when my Nana passed away. I’ve seen her sell fake FUBU, Kahuku corn, lychee jellies, butterfly clips, and houses. I’ve seen her intimidate and hustle whenever she felt like she was taken advantage of.

I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for these women in my life. I am my mother’s daughter.

I watched Hidden Figures last night and I was inspired and grateful. I imagined my grandma and my mom going through this time period and just all the trials and tribulations they went through. When I think of a woman’s strength: body and mind, I’m just always baffled at how much shit we can go through. Kind of like a super hero…no matter how much things get thrown at us, it’s like we grow bigger, stronger, faster every single time. I’ve seen my mom at her lowest point and she picked up herself, dusted herself off, and kept moving forward.

I think of myself when I go through low points, and how the next day I fight even harder just to make up for the time lost.

You motivate me. My friends, my family, my niece, all my mentors, all the inspiring women and girls of the world. Yes, even the haters. You motivate me.

This Saturday I will be joining my sisters in the Women’s March representing Oahu. I’ll be DJing at the Hawai’i Capitol from 10am-11am. For more info be sure to visit this link. Hope to see you all there.