Digging through the archives…

I was looking through my hard drive and I came across an old live mix file from 2014. I guess I forgot to release it so I’m releasing it now haha. It’s about an hour and a half of underground hip-hop and R&B jams, all my favorite tracks, lots of classics. I feel like this would be good to cruise in the car or to put on during a BBQ.

I’ve also uploaded all of my live and recorded mixes onto here so you can download all of them. Just head over to mixes and download away.

Enjoy <3 hope everyone is having a good April so far.

Click here for “Hot Thing” download

Voidshift Mix Up!

The mix I made for the homies over at Voidshift is now up on Mixcrate for download/stream! You can also listen to it on my Soundcloud. I’ll be uploading the tracklist soon! Enjoy.

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Revisiting Blowout Comb

Here I am, slacking again! I’m constantly trying to make my website better and easier to navigate. I think right now I’m at a good place haha. With that being said, I’m going to keep making new content for everyone to read (or for myself to read).

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Mix on Voidshift Radio!

Super honored and flattered to be on Voidshift (via The Beat Junkies Radio on Dash Radio).

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Twelve One | Dedicated To My Brother

This mix is dedicated to my late brother Stanley. Recorded live at About The Goods so excuse the messy mixing.

This is a compilation of all his favorite artists and songs he liked to play for me growing up. I love you Stan.

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Monthly Mix • Ten Eleven

It’s finally here! My favorites from October & November (not gonna lie, I have some December in there too). Stream, download, and hope you enjoy!

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Oh Nine

Mini-mix featuring my favorite tracks for the month of September. Enjoy.

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Oh Eight

Mini mix I recorded live at About The Goods to get re-inspired. Filled with my favorite new tracks for the month of August. I will try make this a monthly series 🙂 key word try. Enjoy.

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Just reuploaded my live recording on Mixcloud that I did for Davey Shindig’s 808 Mixtapes show on KTUH radio back in May 2014. Soundcloud took it down awhile ago but I decided to bring it back because I still love this tracklist. I think revisiting this mix was perfect timing for me since I’ve been playing a lot of Top 40 gigs lately and have been feeling uninspired. This mix is the perfect interpretation of what kind of music I like to play.

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New new

I told myself that this year I would mess more with Ableton and try making my own edits. I’m a huge perfectionist so best believe that it was like pulling teeth every time I uploaded something to Soundcloud.

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