No Ordinary Love

Currently listening to Sade's "No Ordinary Love" hence the title lol. I'm sick at home so I decided to update this since I've been sleeping pretty much all day. I started #vlogmas last week and I figured that uploading 5 days at a time has been easier for me with everything going on. It's tough to edit every day let alone film every day so I commend those that do. 

It's crazy how fast the year went by. I actually started my YouTube channel with Vlogmas and already Vlogmas is such an ambitious challenge I don't know what I was thinking haha. Cheers to one year! I love going back and watching my experiences, it's like a live diary which is really the main reason why I started the channel.

Just been prepping for the holiday season, we are doing NYE at the Laylow this year. I actually haven't DJed NYE in like 3-4 years. I normally like to block off that day to spend time with family but changing it up this year! I am lucky to have curated a sound there so it'll feel just like home.

Just in case I don't get to post on here before the new year begins, happy holidays everyone!