New perspective

I feel like every since this year started, I’ve just been going, going, going and like all of us, never really took the time to take a break and take it in. Nature and that childlike innocence has been seeping it’s way back into my life lately and it’s been refreshing.

The problems that used to drive me crazy are now just becoming smaller and smaller. I’m now clearing the path for myself from any obstacles, physically and mentally, and filling those spaces with things, activities and people that I love and make me feel happy. With that being said, last weekend I received a text from Joe Kay saying that he would be in town the following weekend. Already I started compiling lists of things to eat, do, and see that could be squeezed in a weekend. He said he was also down to play a set somewhere if it worked and then this happened:

Honestly I’m still on a high from him even texting me so hahaha. Years back I used to listen to this guy’s voice on Soulection Radio when it was on Rinse FM and it’s just baffles my mind that he’ll be playing a set with me this Saturday. Anyway, enough with my fan girl rambling haha.

I love hosting friends when they come in visit because it reminds me that, “Hey, I live in Hawaii” and makes me appreciate my home. I’m so caught up with working all the time that I unfortunately forget but I can say that I will be making more of an effort to stop and smell the plumerias more often.