YouTube, self-care and stuff

Almost a year ago, I started a YouTube channel after putting it off for so long. I did it mainly to create memories to look back on and to appreciate my experiences. I just did a quick recap to kind of jump start recording / editing again and already I feel like this video is different than the older ones. I can't wait to keep sharpening this skill and improve. 

I mean...who isn't a huge fan of YouTube? I watch it for everything, my subscriptions range from lifestyle to makeup to DJ sets to food...I'm basic lol. Speaking of basic, I'm in my late 20s which means reading a bunch of self-care books (shout out to Ali Wong). Right now I'm going in between F*ck Feelings and The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck

I picked up the physical copy of F*ck Feelings and decided to do a free trial of Audible of the other book. If you haven't tried Audible you need to. I live in Kapolei with a 30-min commute so it's nice to have an audiobook / podcast playing in the background to get that mind working. After I'm done with these maybe I'll do a book review? We'll see.

Another thing that I've been into is finding out my personality type (Myer-Briggs model) with I'm at the age where my personality will not really be developing and it's pretty set. Sure I can change my attitudes / reactions and this is where the test comes in handy. It asks you a bunch of questions and encourages you to answer honestly. In the end it gives you your personality type and this breakdown of how you are in different aspects of your life (like relationships, work, etc) and it's like it knows your soul. The nice thing is that it tells you your strengths + weaknesses and how you can work with them better. It's allowed me to be more mindful and understanding about how I am and it's kinda been a game-changer. I'm all about working more efficiently haha.

The months have been going by so quickly it's been scary. I have a stacked year so I feel like I've come to accept that I'll never have a "chill" month or week for that matter haha. I gotta admit though, it's been nice to be blogging / writing again.

Some photos from last week/over the weekend. I know it's dorky but I got a middle part! I haven't had one since freshman year in high school haha. I hate how you get your hair done and you can never recreate that look again. Mahalo to Mahina and her staff at the Foundry for killing it. They have a special promo right now so be sure to check out their Instagram.

Anyway, my right eye has been twitching for over 2 weeks so I guess it's time to turn off the screen.