I keep getting freaked out about how many months that are left in the year. It's wild to me that October is now next month. Every month has been busy for me and August was no different. Couple of things I learned this month was:

  1. Stop saying yes all the time unless I'm 100% confident I can commit.
  2. Quit overfilling my plate.
  3. Stop. Saying. Yes.

August had an eclipse, Mercury in Retrograde, and Hurricane Harvey happened. My heart goes out to everyone that lost someone, a pet, or something. If you have the means, any donation whether it'd be good vibes, prayers, clothes, diapers or monetary donation, it all helps. I have some clothes to send out and I donated through GlobalGiving  to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. Although I'm not one to post my opinions about particular issues going on in the world, I do whatever action I can.

With that being said, I've been feeling very grateful of my family and loved ones, including simple things like my bed, a roof over my head, etc. Every day is a chance to send and receive love and appreciation and this event reminded me of that.

This month was full of lessons and I realized that I was overfilling my plate again. I get so excited to start something that when it comes down to doing it, I realize that I'm spreading myself too thin. I hate not being able to commit 100% and it bothers me more than anyone knows (ask all my close friends lol).

I had a lot of great moments this month. One was finally finishing that Audiobook I was telling you all about in my last blog post. I also started reading Game Of Thrones since the series won't start back up for awhile haha. I had special guest DJ C-Sik (who is also the Canadian Red Bull Thre3style Champ, 3x Calgary DMC Champ NBD) play a set at Laylow with me. It's just so awesome to meet people who are on that same wave link as you and clicking with them is no problem. Rick and his girlfriend Shaleen were amazing and I felt like I was friends with them for a long time. Also got to check out Amazing Comic Con where I was on the hunt for Jon Snow but got to take photos on the Iron Throne.

I think one highlight was that this past weekend I had a little work reunion. Back in 2010, I worked part-time at this boutique in Chinatown called TeeTee Bar. It was a cute spot filled with all these rad, hard to get, t-shirts. The concept behind it was that so the boys would go there to shop while all their girlfriends would shop next door at Fighting Eel. It was there where I met and worked with a bunch of cool girls who had (still have!) great effortless style. I learned a lot about brand identity, product quality, and that special boutique customer experience from my short time there. It's hilarious that I ended up becoming IRL friends and ended up opening my own store down the street from where the old TeeTee Bar used to be haha. Good times.

Another highlight for me was coming into Chinatown around 8am in the morning and having breakfast at my favorite coffee spot/bar The Manifest. They started offering bacon and deviled eggs with their toast which is what I used to order a la carte. Right amount of sweet and savory and hits all the main food groups (meat, fruits, carbs and coffee, did I get that right?). It's my ideal perfect breakfast every morning and it was just awesome sitting there, really eating my food haha. I appreciate those kinds of moments, I ended up going there later in the night to DJ this really fun event called INBTWNS (follow them @thecontingency). I was able to play basically all kinds of genres and it was such a great release for me. I didn't realize how much I needed that. Also shout out to Lianne, I love the photos she takes of me!

Another thing is that I started an Instagram page for my bullet journaling nerdery called @badn.bujo lol. If you're into that sort of thing, feel free to follow. If you don't know what bullet journaling is I recommend you visit It's been a game changer for me and has helped me keep my life together for the most part.

Stoked for September, lots of events happening. I just have to remember to STOP SAYING YES lol. 

I promise from now on, anything that diminishes my ability to build my own happiness and peace of mind will be avoided and eliminated.
— some positive mantra lol.