My Birthday Month

It's finally here! The busiest and my most favorite month out of the whole year haha. Every April, my schedule is swamped with work + family activities...don't get me wrong, all good problems. Let's catch up shall we?

Last week my friend / co-host Megan Tomino and I filmed our fourth episode of What's Good, our food baby (food series whatever you wanna call it) on About The Goods youtube channel. This is easily becoming my favorite episode we've produced so far, mostly because I've never been to Lam's Kitchen. 

This is a big deal for Megan and I because we noticed that locally there wasn't a lot of female hosts ESPECIALLY for food series. I'd like to say that me and Megan are ready to eat, whether it's a hole in the wall or at a upscale restaurant, WE JUST WANNA EAT WHAT'S GOOD. Lol.

Anyway, I hope you guys like it and enjoy watching it.

Booked GoldLink for a concert here and Falcons came to open for him. He’s such a talented and humble guy. We invited him on our radio show on Central Pacific Time (which you can play above) to play a 30 min set and scored an interview. Loved getting to know him more.

Photo by Natalie Nakasone

Photo by Natalie Nakasone

Got to DJ for In4mation’s 16th anniversary party at the Manifest. Mahalo for having me.

I normally don’t do a big thing for my birthday but because it’s also the one year anniversary of my residency with Laylow Hotel, I thought why not. So this Saturday we’re throwing a big ting (I even have my own shot) and I’ll have a stacked line up of local artists that I adore. I’m very very grateful for Laylow and Hideout for always being down for me and supporting me in whatever way they can. Excited for future endeavors.

Next week I’ll be going on a much-needed vacation to Arizona and a quick stop in LA for 143’s 5 Year Anniversary party (purchase your early tickets now here). I’ve never been to Arizona and I’m stoked to see Antelope Canyon and just a whole change of scenery really. Let me know if you have any recommendations <3