My Vacation

My wish for my birthday this year was to do a getaway to Sedona. Why Sedona?

I felt like it was the perfect contrast to the city and island life, there was something calming about the desert and the beautiful mountains. A friend of mine, Karen, lived out there and told me about the magic of Sedona and I knew immediately I needed to go.

First thing I did was stop over real quick in Los Angeles for 143’s 5 Year Anniversary. Sosupersam was so kind to open her beautiful home to me and I was able to experience The Dream live.

Cue Pocahontas (Airport Mesa)

Cue Pocahontas (Airport Mesa)

After LA, I headed back to Arizona and the next day Karen and I drove from Sierra Vista to Phoenix (roughly about 4 hours). We stopped in Phoenix to grab some food and I found myself looking up piercers. There’s this particular style that I was looking for called #curatedear. I came across Marilyn who specialized in this trend in Phoenix. I called up HTC Body Piercing and call it fate but she was in (normally she’s only in Saturday, Sunday and Monday’s) and they accepted walk-ins. 

She was perfect and made me feel comfortable. She was sweet, funny, I actually just wanted to become her friend haha. She looked at my ear and began looking at her collection of jewelry, trying to figure out what would work with my ear. The first thing she noticed was my stretched ears which has been an eye sore for me ever since I stopped wearing gauges. She came up with a solution and even reopened old piercings I had without my ear looking like a Christmas tree. I ended up coming back the day before I left to get another piercing on my other ear lobe.

I love how dainty and pretty it looks and not crazy haha.


When we finally got to Sedona, already seeing the mesas gave me an amazing feeling. Like we were finally here. First thing we did was go to the Airport Mesa for the sunset. It’s kind of a quick hike up there but the view is breathtaking.

Afterward we went to Sedona Crystal Vortex and Karen recommended that I get my aura photo taken and read.

I had a hunch that my aura would be dominantly red, but to actually see it is crazy. They print out a whole packet for you explaining all the colors and your chakras and what needs to be worked on. Come to find out, my main aura color was red-orange which was affiliated with being energetic, will power, passion, competition, and excitement. I also found out my root chakra (or my base chakra) was under-active and the lowest of all my chakras. Karim, the reader / clairvoyant, was shocked how under-active my root chakra was and already you could see the wheels turning in her head trying to figure out why.

After she printed out my analysis, we headed to the back into a private room so that she could do my reading and explain my aura / chakras. First thing she asked me to do was read my palms. I was so excited so honestly I can’t even remember every detail she told me about my palms but she did say how my left hand had a lot of burn out activity and my right hand had prosperity and success. She then pulled out a deck of I believe was Tarot cards and told me to choose 5 cards. I won’t go into detail about what the cards were but all I gotta say is that this lady just reached inside of my brain and brought everything out on the table. The question I did ask her got answered but she also delved in deeper into my conscious, picking at the issues that really were under the surface. Needless to say, I left that room crying because I was so touched haha. Karim was sweet and empathetic, kind of like a hip grandma or aunty.

For the rest of the night, Karen and I kept talking about our readings and you could just tell how shook we were. Karen had her aura read last time she went to Sedona and said that it was comforting how much her aura improved. I highly recommend doing this when you go to Sedona. It provides so much clarity and a new perspective on things.

On my actual birthday, we headed to Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park recommended by my friend Cindy (who owns Ginger13 in Hawaii!) and you could really feel the energy here. Right when I walked in, I had chicken skin over and over and then started tearing up crying. Karen pointed out that there were warped and twisted trees around me (a effect of the vortex) and we realized that this was a vortex spot. SO CRAZY. It was amazing to feel that.

I felt at calm here, we meditated here for a little and made our way around (clockwise of course 3x) and said our prayers while spinning the prayer wheels. They even had a guestbook you could sign your name and your prayers (you can also be anonymous). This Tibetan place is beautiful and I can’t wait to come back here again.

We drove another couple of hours to Page for our Antelope Canyon tour. Here’s some back story about how we even got to book our tours. When Karen and I checked the website couple of months ago, everything was booked. Then maybe a couple of weeks before I left we checked again and saw that 1 spot had freed up but we had to pass because we needed 2 spots. The week before I left, Karen checked the site and saw that 2 spots (Sightseer’s Tour) were open on my birthday. HOW CRAZY IS THAT! She booked them right away and I loved knowing that we could both experience the canyon together for the first time.

For our tour, we hopped in a truck with about 8 other people and the tour guide drove us out to Antelope Canyon for about 20 mins. I highly recommend bringing a bandana or something to cover your face because there is a lot of sand. The tour itself was pretty quick, mostly because we were being rushed by other people. If we did the Photograher’s tour, we would’ve had more time to take photos. Also next time around I’m going to come in the afternoon say around 1230ish because that’s when the beautiful sun beams are in the canyon.

All I can say about this experience was that it was humbling. Here I am worried about petty problems while Mother Nature is just taking care of shit every day every second haha. It was so beautiful and I made sure to put my camera down from time to time to just soak it in.

Afterward we ate at Big John’s Texas BBQ, omg their cornbread, sandwich and potato salad are to die for. They also had a cute country band playing live music. What a great way to spend my birthday.

For our last day in Sedona we made sure to stop by the Airport Mesa to get closure from our trip. We meditated for a few minutes, thanking the universe for bringing us there and for helping us learn these new layers about ourselves, and helping us feel rejuvenated and inspired.

Headed back to Phoenix, said my goodbyes to Karen (ugh I love her) and spent time with the homie Dusty (DJ Pickster One). He took me to Tacos Chiwas that had THE BEST PASTOR, oh my god, the best. Later that night I reconnected with an old friend who drove out an hour to see me and we headed to Zuma Grill where I DJed for the first time in Arizona! Meeting the talented DJ Chris Villa was amazing and he was so humble. It was definitely the cherry to this amazing vacation.